Our new resources shop

I’ve always dreamed of having my own shop. Something about buying products to sell makes my shopping ‘problem’ a little more socially acceptable. Although the shop we now have at NCCD isn’t quite the little boutique I’ve dreamed of, it is pretty awesome. One of the major hurdles I’ve seen over the years, particularly for families engaged in early intervention for their child with ASD, is the sourcing of appropriate teaching resources. Sometimes not having the right materials for use in an ABA therapy session, can really hold back a child’s progress.

So, we now have some terrific stock to help solve this problem! Think seat wedges and discs to help sensory-seeking kiddos to sit still; or chewy necklaces for littlies who are mouthing or chewing on items not intended for chewing! We also have 8″ Time Timers which are hands-down one of the most helpful aides in helping children learn to wait, or understand that a preferred activity is coming to an end (amongst other things). And of course some lovely sensory toys and pencil grips.

Coming soon will be some of our recommended books and picture cards.

Pop in or drop us an email if you’d like to explore some of this gorgeous stock.

You can find us at 155 Plenty Road, Preston, 3072 Tues/Wed/Thurs between 10 and 3.30. Have a look at this video if you’re not familiar with Time Timers…

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