Preschool Social Skills

Do you know the secret to improving your child’s quality of life, thinking skills and language skills? I’ll give you a hint – it’s not attending extra-curricular classes or sitting at the table to learn academics. It is in fact, play! And socialising! Fancy that. ‘But what about the children who lack social and play skills?’ I hear you ask. Good question. This is where we need to intervene to make sure they have the play and social skills they need.

How? Evidence-based social skills groups are a great way to teach age-appropriate social and play skills in a supportive environment. At NCCD we use an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach to teach social skills, which fosters relationship development while teaching skills in a systematic, motivating and rewarding setting.  Each child has individualised goals which are set by their parent(s) and the group facilitators. These goals are worked on in each session while being tracked and evaluated so that outcomes can be measured. Our approach is evidence-based – which means people have researched the strategies we use and they’ve been found to be effective.

We’re currently taking bookings for our social skills sessions for preschoolers – facilitated by Dr. Georgina Cox (provisional psychologist) and Amanda Abel (paediatric psychologist). If you’d like more info about our current group see below or get in touch!

Social Skills Sessions
Term 3, 2015
Wednesdays 10.30-12.00

When: Wednesdays 10.30-12.00
Where: Northern Centre for Child Development – 155 Plenty Rd, Preston, 3072
Cost: $600 for term (FaHCSIA/HCWA funding available)
Dates: 12/8; 19/8; 26/8; 2/9; 9/9; 16/9
Bookings: Please email or call us on
9079 8043 or 0498 648 515.
Confirmation: Your child’s place is confirmed once we receive full payment for the term.
Eligibility: If needed, your child will be screened to ensure they are allocated to the correct group to meet their developmental needs

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