Free Relaxation resources for families

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By Psychologist Judy McKay

Mindfulness sometimes seems like the quick fix and the “flavour of the month”. However, when practised correctly and regularly, mindfulness is proven to have many benefits for our mental and physical health. Research indicates that mindfulness can reduce stress, rumination (cycle of anxious thoughts), and can increase working memory, focus, emotional regulation and cognitive flexibility.

 “The purpose of mindfulness is to bring ourselves to the present moment, to be aware of our surroundings, to notice our thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way”. 

There are many ways to be mindful and finding what works for your child can seem overwhelming and at times expensive. That’s why I’ve included some of my favourite free relaxation resources for kids: 

  1. Mrs Honey Bee & Friends – Youtube Channel: A range of relaxing bedtime stories for children to listen to while they fall asleep. Interest focused topics including Minecraft, Frozen, Lego and Disney.
  1. Insight Timer – App: A  variety of free mediations including bedtime stories, yoga, body scans and breathing exercises. Some of my favourites include the Superhero meditation 1, 2 & 3 and the “Parents” section. 
  1. Cosmic Kids – Youtube Channel: Hosted by Jaime Amor, a Youtube channel full of interactive and child-friendly yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos. You can also purchase their app if you’d like more content.
udy is a registered psychologist with a Master’s degree in Educational and Developmental Psychology. Judy has experience working with young people, their families and extended support networks across educational, clinical and community-based settings. Judy enjoys working creatively and flexibly with children and adolescents to explore their difficult emotions and experiences. In the past, Judy has supported young people experiencing a range of neuro-developmental disorders, anxiety, trauma, social skill and emotional regulation difficulties. Judy values the individual needs of each client and attempts to incorporate their personal interests, strengths and goals throughout therapy. Judy utilises a client-centred approach to her therapy which is grounded in cognitive-behaviour therapy and other evidenced-based techniques.

Judy has a background in providing pastoral care to children and adolescents within educational settings. These experiences have enabled Judy to connect and build relationships with students of all ages, in addition to understanding the challenges typically faced by school-aged children. Judy encourages her clients to take a holistic approach to therapy and values communication with a client’s wider support network. This helps to promote positive client outcomes across all aspects of day to day life. Outside of work, Judy loves spending time at the beach or in the countryside. She further enjoys playing social sports and prioritises spending time with friends and family.

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