Streamlined ASD Assessments now at NCCD!

Some people might find my passion for conducting Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessments a bit unusual or odd. But in all honesty, it really is a part of my job that I adore. It’s a very raw experience for families and while it’s one of high emotion at times, I’m aware of my privilege in working with families at this ‘crossroads’ in their life. I also get to utilise the skills I’ve honed over a good 16 years of working closely with children with ASD!

This is why I’m delighted that at the Northern Centre for Child Development, we can now offer the entire ASD assessment process under the one roof. This not only makes it a streamlined, less stressful experience for families (with less of the old regurgitation of their story!), it also makes our job as the professionals involved a lot easier. Not to mention faster!

Dr Daniel Golshevsky, paediatrician, has joined our team to offer general paediatrics as well as the initial and final appointments in the ASD assessment process. This means that families can get straight in to see Dr Golshevsky, obtain a HCWA referral for Medicare rebates, complete the required psychological and speech pathology assessments within the month at the same clinic, and then have the potential diagnosis formalised when they next see Dr Golshevsky.

We pride ourselves on our high level of experience and competency in our ‘gold standard’ ASD assessment process, and included in the fees are a feedback session and a one-month check-in with the parents to check up on how they’re processing the diagnosis.

So get in touch if you’d like more info about the ASD assessment process, and if you want to know more about Dr Daniel Golshevsky, here’s a snippet:

dr-daniel-golshevsky-general-paediatrician-156 (002)Dr Daniel Golshevsky specialises in children’s acute and chronic medical conditions from birth to 18 years, with particular interests in neuro-developmental problems, autism spectrum disorder, newborns & unsettled babies, toileting problems, as well as sleep & behaviour issues. Daniel works as part of the multi-disciplinary autism assessment team at Monash Children’s Hospital. Practicing holistic care with a family-centred approach, he believes that every child needs a management plan that is tailored to them, within their psycho-social environment. Daniel also has a strong interest in the media and its positive and negative effects on children’s health, recently publishing on the effects of screen time on sleep and weight in children. Known in the media as Dr Golly, he appears regularly on Channel Seven’s Good Friday Appeal as well as other television and print features.

Daniel is an experienced General Paediatrician, who trained at The University of Melbourne and The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH). Daniel has worked at RCH since 2009 and has three young children of his own. He is the former Chief Resident Medical Officer of RCH and is involved in the creation and maintenance of the RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines, an online paediatric resource used internationally. He is also a regular expert reviewer for the Raising Children Network website.


Amanda Abel, paediatric psychologist.





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