Social Skills Groups Term 3, 2015

Learning appropriate play and social skills are absolutely critical for children’s quality of life, cognitive development and language skills.

Our amazing team members – Cara Small (psychologist) and Fiona Herbu (ABA supervisor) are facilitating evidence-based ABA social skills sessions for primary school children in Term 3. The group will have a maximum of 4 children and will target individualised goals for each child. During the sessions, the group will address social skills theory and will then have extensive opportunities to practise the new skills in a supportive but highly motivating environment.

How are our groups different?

We take an Applied Behaviour Analysis approach which while addressing the essence of authentic social competence and relationship development is also systematic and analytic. Our program is evidence-based meaning there is significant research to support the types of strategies we use. This ensures your child gains new individualised and relevant skills by attending our groups.

When: Fortnightly Saturdays 12.00-1.30 starting July 25th.
Where: Northern Centre for Child Development – 155 Plenty Rd, Preston, 3072.
Cost: $625 for the term.
Dates: 25/7, 8/8, 22/8, 5/9 & 19/9 – Attendance at all sessions is required.
Bookings: Please email or call us on 9079 8043 or 0498 648 515.
Confirmation: Your child’s place is confirmed once we receive full payment for the term.
Eligibility: If needed, your child will be screened to ensure they are allocated to the correct group to meet their developmental needs.

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